Surya Namaskar History | Strange Truth of Sun Salutation

Surya Namaskar History

The ultimate revelation of Surya Namaskar History Is About To Happen. We will tell you the truth about Surya Namaskar history in the next few minutes. The history of Surya Namaskar is indeed very interesting to know about.


You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truth Of Surya Namaskar History

Namaste from India! We will share a story based on Surya Namaskar history. So our story begins with the monkey god named Hanumanji. when Hanuman was a child, he gazed toward the Sun (the Surya), to him the Sun resembled the ripened juiciest mango and he was so ravenous.

Sun salutation History (hanuman)

So he lept up to whittle down that mango and when he did, he bite the Sun totally and the entire world developed dull and everyone was like…. oh no, this is a big problem and thus the Sun burned the Hanuman’s mouth and despite the fact that his the mouth was burning, he was still clung to that Sun until Indra the god of the divine being (accountable for the climate and the skies) Indra tossed a jolt and it hit Hanuman in the jaw. The word Hanuman in Sanskrit means one with the messed up jaw.

Hanuman tumbled to the ground and his dad, Vayu the divine force of the breeze scooped him up. he was so upset that Hanuman had been hurt and he made all the other gods and goddesses promise that they would give him their magical powers that were the only way that Vayu would give back this gift of the wind of the breath and thus he removed the breeze from everybody.

In the end, this is how he got all of his magical powers and because of this mistake that he made actually mistaking the Sun for a mango, that mistake ended up being how Hanuman got all of his strength and his power. So later on, Hanuman grew up and he understood that he needs education. Thus, his mom suggested lord Hanuman to ask the Sun.

His mom – “I’m certain he should have forgiven you for attempting to take a bite out of him and no one can teach you superior as like the Sun who drives his chariot all around the globe, illuminating the sky and you know for ages the sun has served as a symbol of wisdom and illumination”.


Hanuman goes and he asks the Sun – “will you please educate me? teach me Scriptures? teach me the Vedas? teach me everything you know?”


The Sun -“look I have forgiven you for trying to take a bite out of me but I’m busy all day as I’ve got to drive my chariot around and light up the whole world.”

Hanuman won’t take no for an answer and he says I’ll do anything and hanuman positions himself directly in front of Surya the Sun. So Surya is driving his chariot and Hanuman is confronting him and as Surya begins to move Hanuman needs to go in reverse.

Surya Namaskar History (hanuman)

Thus, they travel at the speed of light going all-around the globe and Surya are constantly chanting the Vedas and instructing Hanuman the sacred text and Hanuman, the entire time is going in reverse as quickly as possible never removing his eyes from his instructor Surya(The Sun).  It’s extremely brisk that Hanuman masters everything as he’s got a brilliant mind. within only a couple of weeks, he knows the entirety of the Vedas by heart.


Sun Salutation – The Gift Of Respect

He memorized everything Sun had taught him and he says to Surya I’d like to give you some payment and some gift which is customary when you have a teacher. so Surya says no to the gift and said – to me you were the most the incredible student that I’ve ever had.

Hanuman says well I will better offer you my deepest respects in the form of Namaskar or Sun salutation. Namaskar is a sign of honor and deep respect. Hanuman was going back all the time as he was learning. thus the backward trajectory of Surya Namaskar imitates the way that Hanuman had backward movement when he was learning from Surya.


Conclusion On Surya Namaskar History

Surya namaskar history is indeed interesting. so it is believed that Surya Namaskar was born from this relationship between Hanuman and his teacher when you practice Surya Namaskar it can be a beautiful way to give thanks for all of your teachers just in the way that Hanuman used this idea of prayer of Namaskar to give thanks for his great teacher the Sun you can give thanks to the Sun yourself but you can think to give thanks to anything anyone that has illuminated your minds your heart and your practice.

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