8 Precious Tips To Master The Surya Namaskar Steps | Sun Salutation

8 precious tips to master in Surya Namaskar Steps

Never Underestimate The Influence Of Surya Namaskar Steps. The Ultimate Revelation Of  Proper Surya Namaskar Steps as it is very essential to know each Step of Surya Namaskar with proper breathing techniques in order to get the maximum benefits out of Sun Salutation. How Much Do You Know about Surya Namaskar Steps?  Make sure to check out Little Tricks To Achieve The Best Results In Surya Namaskar steps at the end of the article.


Knowing These Surya Namaskar Steps Could Be So Beneficial!

Warming up:

  • Stand in a relaxed posture.
  • Inhale bit by bit through the nose. Hold the breath.
  • Tighten muscles and the entirety of the joints.
  • Exhale through air, mouth vibrations distinguishable, in two fragments.
  • Repeat the action three times.

Effect on body:

The entire body is charged with cosmic energy. the warm-up helps in the contraction of muscles and hence our body cells get active and our muscle becomes prepared for the stretch of Surya Namaskar steps.

Pranamasana | Sun Salutation

Exercise One:  Pranam Asana

  • Stand in Namaskar position
  • Press the top point of the palms on one another.
  • Press the center bit of the palms firmly
  • Press the part of all the fingers tightly of both of your hands.
  • evacuate the air in the middle of the palms.

After performing every action, stop for a while. Keep up the procedure for ten seconds and continue to the following activity

hastautthana asana | Sun Salutation

Exercise Two: Hastautthana Asana

  • Intertwine the palms.
  • While breathing in push the hands straight.
  • Keep the palms parallel.
  • Lock the hands and afterward stretch them ahead.
  • Experience the strain on the spine and shoulders.
  • While breathing out bring the palms near the chest.

The Length of time to the forward-backward moves Hands should be equivalent to that of inhaling and exhaling respectively.

Padahastanasana | Sun Salutation

Exercise Three: Padahastan Asana

  • Stand in a casual situation with legs somewhat separated.
  • Stretch your hands parallel to the floor, palms confronting one another.
  • The hands stretch upward and twist in reverse.
  • Keep the knees straight.
  • Push the palms Down to your legs as much as you can.

While breathing out return into the past spot and if Achievable, bend forward to contact the floor. Don’t force your hands much.

Ashva sanchalan asana | Sun Salutation

Exercise Four: Ashva Sanchalan Asana

  • Stand up with legs separated.
  • While breathing in raise your palm parallel to the ground.
  • breathe out bend in the waist to touch the left hand to right toe.
  • Breathe in and come back to the previous position.
  • While breathing out bend down in the midriff to get the correct hand to left toe.

Dandasana or phalak asana | Sun Salutation

Exercise Five: Dandasana or Phalak Asana

  • Sit down on palms and the toes.
  • Do not lay on your heels.
  • Make sure to keep your palms flat.
  • Inhale profoundly and hold the breath.
  • Maintain the hands firmly on the floor and bring the feet in reverse.
  • Keep the heels together.
  • While breathing in, pull on the midriff to the center between hands.
  • Look upwards and take the vibe of a stretch to the gut.
  • Maintain the palm position and Keep the hands firm.
  • Eliminate the internal bend of back to Inhale profoundly and bring your legs between the palms.

Ashtanga namaskar | Sun Salutation

Exercise Six: Ashtanga Namaskar

  • Stand up in a comfy position.
  • Stretch your hands parallel to the floor.
  • Keep the palms facing towards the ground.
  • Sit down while breathing out. Try not to lay the heels on the floor while plunking down.
  • While breathing in, come into the standing position.

Bhujangasana | Sun Salutation

Exercise Seven: Bhujang Asana

  • Rest on your palms and knees.
  • Maintain the elbow joints and palms straight.
  • Maintain the shoulder-distance between the knees.
  • Raise your head while exhaling and bend your spine.
  • While the mind is raised up by inhaling and arch the spine in sunken structure.

Adho mukha svanasana | Sun Salutation

Exercise Eight: Adho Mukhasvan Asana

  • Lie flat touching chest, the abdomen, and forehead onto the ground.
  • Close the feet, touch the toes and knees on the ground.
  • Set the palms at either side of the chest.
  • Be in a relaxed posture While exhaling fast through the mouth, lift the middle part of this Body. Hold the arch shape.
  • While inhaling rest your stomach gradually on the floor.

4 Small But Important Things In Surya Namaskar Steps

  • The duration of time for your body movement should be equal to that breathing in or breathing out.
  • The period of time for exhaling is a little more than that of inhaling.
  • This time sense can be effectively accomplished you focus on guts to inhale out totally.
  • The mix of Surya Namaskar and Pranayam is effective to root out all sorts of physical and mental disorders and issues.


Conclusion On Correct Surya Namaskar Steps

With this Surya Namaskar right postures, you can achieve maximum benefits of Surya Namaskar or sun salutation. Performing sun salutation with the right steps is extremely crucial in order to grab the spiritual as well as mental benefits out of sun salutation. Moreover, these Surya Namaskar steps can also help you credibly in weight loss.

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